During the Seven Months (July and August) there are five option components.

During this time participants can choose to do volunteer work in Ethiopia, Marva The Israeli Army Experience, Magen David Adom Ambulance and First Aid Course, Yeshiva  Jewish learning in Yeshivat Tora Betzion and Camp Kimama Israel International Summer Camp.

The program provides the participants with preparation and enrolment to the different options, transportation, accommodation, a group weekend, insurance and the continual accompaniment of the program staff.



Mar’va (The Israeli Army Experience)

Mar’va is a 7-8 week intensive  program providing  the participants with an insight into the compulsory  army service that  is required of Israelis of the same age. The program begins with simulated ‘basic training’, followed by continuous learning and touring. Participants will live on an army base and will experience real Israeli army training. They are taught about  Israeli culture  and the impact of the army on Israeli society. The course is physically demanding, but also has a large focus on learning and understanding the army, an integral component of Israeli society. Marva dates:  TBC

*It is important to note that  IBC participants will not be involved in any real

life combat  situations during  Mar’va.





7 months PROGRAM






Camp Kimama

Camp Kimama is a one-of-a-kind international summer  camp held in Israel, with thousands of participants each year, aged 6-17,

from 40 different countries around the world.  Kimama offers three summer  camp experiences in Israel: Kimama Michmoret  - on the Mediterranean shore, about  half an hour from Tel Aviv; Kimama Hof - a nature and sea sports camp by the beach in Beit-Yanai; and Kimama Carmel - an inter-disciplinary camp at the foot of Mount Carmel,  in Haifa.








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Magen David Adom

Participants have the option  to volunteer for MDA (Magen  David Adom - The Israel Ambulance  Service) and work alongside Israeli staff and volunteers on ambulances and at MDA stations. On completion of a compulsory  intensive  60 hour training course,

the participants will be qualified  to volunteer on the ambulances, working  on a shift basis. Please note;  MDA requires  an acceptable level of Hebrew to participate which is assessed  by interview.

**The MDA training and volunteering is run externally by MDA for which there is an additional cost of $850 determined by MDA.

If you are interested please see the following link with all details regarding program application, payment (not included in cost of program) and pre-requisites - http://www.mdavolunteers.org/overseas-program








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