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Read first hand tesimonies from our previous IBC participants about their experiences and impressions of the program as well as from parents of participants.

IBc Testimonials 


5 MONTH IBC 2016​


Israel by Choice is remarkable in the opportunities it affords you. The opportunity to have a shared experience with a plethora of different personalities, a diaspora of beliefs; a collection of like-minded people no better suited to make the IBC experience the best choice Iv come to make.

Jeremy Wein, IBC 2016

MDA, IBC 2016


IBC's MDA program is an amazing way to give back to the Israeli community, as well as witness what this organisation does first hand. MDA is a once in a life time experience, that allows you to work with dedicated paramedics, medics and other youth volunteers, helping to save lives of those who require emergency aid. Throughout your time volunteering, you may see anything ranging from a birth, to a stroke, to a death. MDA teaches you many simple and some complex first aid skills such as how to measure someone's blood pressure or pulse, as well as how to read signs and work out what medical condition one is suffering from. From experience, I can safely say that being a MDA volunteer is extremely rewarding and an incredible way to give back.



5 MONTH IBC 2016​

IBC has literally changed my life. It has given me the most incredible life skills, a massive love for Judaism and Zionism, as well as a huge amount of independence and confidence. The program is a once in a lifetime experience which gave me a much deeper understanding of where my ancestors came from and it allowed me to strengthen my relationship with

G-d, as well as myself.


10 Month IBC 2016 (Overview of 10 months (MDA) 

I completed the 10-month IBC trip last year in 2016, and its fair to say that it was the most amazing, maturing and educational year of my life. I experienced and learnt so much that wouldn’t have been possible at school or university. I was constantly thrown out of my comfort zone and pushed to experience new an difficult things for the first time.



I think in general, people outside of Israel struggle to understand what a mechina is. Year after year, Australians come back with only good things to say about mechina, however when posing them the relatively simple question; "what was so good about it?" The response almost every time is, "I just can't explain, you have to do it," which ends up leaving me more confused and with less of an understanding.



IBC 10 MONTH 2015 (Camp Kimama)


I went on IBC in 2015 and chose Camp Kimama for my 7-month option. It was such an eye opening experience and a real opportunity for growth. Not many of my friends chose to do it so it was my first time going on a program by myself.




February started with a bang, straight away planting the roots for life long friendships, immersing myself in new and unknown environments and living with people I didn’t know before- undeniably, I was already learning new things about life and myself from the get go.




IBC was the best decision that I have ever made! From starting the program knowing only a handful of people, I returned home from IBC with so many special friendships that I know will last forever, and unique bonds with every participant.

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